10 Absolutely Essential EBusiness Building Principles

ebusiness7Does starting an eBusiness appeal to you? Or are you struggling with an existing eBusiness? For most entrepreneurs, the opportunity of running and operating a business from anywhere with an Internet connection is too enticing to pass up. The excitement, however, soon deflates as the hard work of making an eBusiness successful becomes reality. Here are the top 10 absolutely essential principles to make your eBusiness a success:

1. Find a need and address it
2. Leverage existing services – YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
3. Use what you know and love – this will help you become an authority in the area and help you persevere in hard times.
4. Use offline marketing – advertise in newspapers, use business cards and print materials, etc.
5. Be patient
6. Choose a domain name wisely – dot com is best. The shorter and easy to remember and spell the better.
7. Content is key – write clear Web copy that is not cold and impersonal.
8. Have a call to action – make it easy for visitors to buy and contact you.
9. Build trust and confidence – show your address and telephone number. Use testimonials.
10. Build a professional website – it doesn’t need to be a complex website. In fact, simple designs that are clean with easy-to-use navigation and that make good use of white space and color are best.

There is no magic formula. Nothing replaces hard work but hard work must be well directed and spent. The aforementioned 10 principles will help you get a solid footing on starting and building your eBusiness.

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