Associated Cities – New Orleans 2010

From Left: Diana Jackson, Kevin Daste, Ron Jackson, Mary Danna, Chef, Me, Jessica Bookstaff and Fred Mercaldo I’m a little late with the post but I’m glad I found the time to write about my first experience at a Geo conference. I’ve been looking forward to this conference for a long while. As some of you know I’ve been acquiring pure generic Geo domain names and actually want to develop all of them. But obviously that is an... [Read More...]

Andrew Rosener – The Man Behind

Welcome all to At DD I will attempt to introduce to you the domainers and advertisers that thrive our industry. People that I’ve interviewed are in some way or another have an influence on our  industry. With my questions and their answers I hope that we can all learn from their practices and services they offer and take their advise as a learning curve. My first person to interview is Andrew Rosener. It’s interesting... [Read More...]

Dan – Post Coming Soon

Expired Domain Name Sales and Acquisitions  Read More →

Shai – Post Comiing Soon

Shai – runs a blog @ , owns great domain names, ,, etc….. and will bring us great info at our upcoming post.  Read More →

Ted- post coming soon

Manager, Buy-Park-Sell, SmartName, NameMedia Marketplace  Read More →

Ravi – post coming soon

Domain Investing. Holds Portfolio of domains that include,, and among others.  Read More →

Bob – post coming soon

Life is good! Still have the same original wife, and still flying 747’s for United. Internet ventures are doing well, check out and Many more like that….. I am blessed, and I try to enjoy every day with my family!  Read More →

Jazmin – post coming

Hollywood Gone Mad!!, CCTLDS , Social Domainers, DNSmalltalk,Domainer Mardi Gras,, DNS, Racy Lady: All She Needs At High Speed, Las nuevas 7 maravillas del mundo-PUERTO RICO NOMINADO!!!!  Read More →

Top 10 Reasons Why Business Web Sites Fail

Over the years of being in this business I have seen many business Web sites go online and then simply fade into obscurity, lonely and unloved. The owners of those sites likely reasoned that the Internet is a loss, not a gain. The truth is that their failure could have been predicted soon after launch, or even before. Far more importantly, their loss could have been prevented if they had been informed regarding the following 10 pitfalls of many business... [Read More...]

10 Absolutely Essential EBusiness Building Principles

Does starting an eBusiness appeal to you? Or are you struggling with an existing eBusiness? For most entrepreneurs, the opportunity of running and operating a business from anywhere with an Internet connection is too enticing to pass up. The excitement, however, soon deflates as the hard work of making an eBusiness successful becomes reality. Here are the top 10 absolutely essential principles to make your eBusiness a success: [Read More...]  Read More →

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