Tony Cassella – “I’m not a Domainer”

It was January 2009 California when I first met Tony at DomainFest. I was talking to a fellow domainer John Yoemans and somehow Tony found his way to take part in my conversation with John. It is now two years  later and Tony and I are very close friends. Tony goes  way back to 1998 when he had first hand registered most of the domains that he owns today. His main site is the core of his success. Tony took a domain like [Read More...]

Chef Patrick – “The Creator Of Our First Domain Name Cruise”

It is my out most pleasure to introduce my next guest, Patrick Ruddell aka Chef Patrick. Most of you know Patrick from, but you wont really know Patrick unless you chill with Patrick. It was Traffic NY 09 when I met Pat in person. Pat has a great personality and is just an all around great guy. You would understand what I’m saying when you get a chance to meet him in person. Now mind you that Pat is domaining full time only... [Read More...]

Elliot J. Silver – The Man Behind “”

Alright..I’m back in action. The biggest challenge with running a blog that is based on waiting for interviewers responses to come back to me is just that, waiting for them to complete the questionnaire. I would love to post more often but as I said I gotta wait for the questionnaires. So with that being said this past weekend I received 3 interview responses which will keep me busy for the next few days. My next interview comes from none other... [Read More...]

Pics from NY domainer get together – Thanks Elliot

Thanks for dinner guys!!!!! First of all I wanted to thank Elliot Silver for organizing one of the first and many more to come in 2010 NY domainer get togethers featuring the Castello Bros. I’ve met the Castello brothers on many occasions but never had the chance to actually have a conversation with them, its usually “Hi, How are you and Bye see you soon”, and at this get together I had excellent conversations with both David and... [Read More...]

Bill Sweetman – Still perfecting his “Domain Name Karate” moves

Hi everyone, It is my pleasure to introduce to you a gentleman that I’ve had  the pleasure of meeting about 5 or 6 conferences ago, a family man, a company man and of course one of us, Bill Sweetman. Bill Sweetman is the General Manager of YummyNames (, a unique service from Tucows that offers marketers the ability to purchase or lease premium domain names.A self-confessed domain name fanatic, Bill registered his... [Read More...]

Pics from DOMAINFest 2010

Frank Schilling ( the man who bought my I wanted to share my experience that I’ve encountered during DomainFest 2010. Over the past 4 years I’ve attended many domain conferences and even attended last years DomainFest and nothing compares to what we have experienced in Santa Monica. There were great sessions and its panel, there was good food, good music, good karma, plenty of booze and lots of great networking.  Exhibitors... [Read More...]

Jay Westerdal – Post coming soon – The real story behind

Jay Westerdal is the Founder of , Spry Hosting, Inc., Aboutus, Inc., and Domain Roundtable. Jay is also involved in another project as CEO of the .movie registry, which hopes to secure the  dot movie gTLD.  Read More →

Frederick Schiwek – The man who sold for $300k

I’m excited to introduce a man that I had a pleasure of meeting, Frederick Schiwek, aka Freddy. I remember  watching an auction and the highest sale of the auction was  I later find out that Freddy was the seller and Donny Simonton from was the buyer. When I saw Freddy last year at the Ad-tech convention I asked him about the sale, Freddy proudly answered I bought the name for $31k and sold it for $300k.... [Read More...]