Ted- post coming soon

Manager, Buy-Park-Sell, SmartName, NameMedia Marketplace  Read More →

Ravi – post coming soon

Domain Investing. Holds Portfolio of domains that include Americans.com, TopCards.com, CheapLifeInsurance.org and Program.com among others.  Read More →

Bob – post coming soon

Life is good! Still have the same original wife, and still flying 747’s for United. Internet ventures are doing well, check out Oceanside.com and HomeRefinance.com. Many more like that….. I am blessed, and I try to enjoy every day with my family!  Read More →

Jazmin – post coming

Hollywood Gone Mad!!, CCTLDS , Social Domainers, DNSmalltalk,Domainer Mardi Gras, Sortealopr.com, Comwired.com DNS, Racy Lady: All She Needs At High Speed, Las nuevas 7 maravillas del mundo-PUERTO RICO NOMINADO!!!!  Read More →

Edge Capital- post coming

Investments, Venture Capital & IPOs… and Domain Names — Domain Website: WinnerNames.com  Read More →

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