Frederick Schiwek – The man who sold for $300k

I’m excited to introduce a man that I had a pleasure of meeting, Frederick Schiwek, aka Freddy. I remember  watching an auction and the highest sale of the auction was  I later find out that Freddy was the seller and Donny Simonton from was the buyer. When I saw Freddy last year at the Ad-tech convention I asked him about the sale, Freddy proudly answered I bought the name for $31k and sold it for $300k.... [Read More...]

Andrew Rosener – The Man Behind

Welcome all to At DD I will attempt to introduce to you the domainers and advertisers that thrive our industry. People that I’ve interviewed are in some way or another have an influence on our  industry. With my questions and their answers I hope that we can all learn from their practices and services they offer and take their advise as a learning curve. My first person to interview is Andrew Rosener. It’s interesting... [Read More...]