Chef Patrick – “The Creator Of Our First Domain Name Cruise”

It is my out most pleasure to introduce my next guest, Patrick Ruddell aka Chef Patrick. Most of you know Patrick from, but you wont really know Patrick unless you chill with Patrick.

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It was Traffic NY 09 when I met Pat in person. Pat has a great personality and is just an all around great guy. You would understand what I’m saying when you get a chance to meet him in person. Now mind you that Pat is domaining full time only about a year and half and has already made a name for himself. It takes a lot of talent to be able to brand yourself (ChefPatrick) and Pat has done it perfectly. He is adding great exposure to the industry through his successful blog I remember winning a $25 GoDaddy gift card on and that was the best $25 that I’ve ever spent. You can read more about Pat on

Patrick is also the first one to organize a domain conference on a cruise, and let me tell what a great idea. Where else can you go on a cruise with your wife and attend a domain conference at the same time. My wife and I were planning to go on a cruise in October and sure enough Patrick announces the If you can make it I urge you to visit and book a time of your life. You will catch Pat at his best. For one, we will have great food cause Chef is cooking and secondly the agenda will be fantastic as Pat is organizing a great itinerary.

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I’ve also put together a few questions that Pat took the time to reveal some answers to.     Here we go….

Patrick, you mentioned that you own about a 1000 domains, can you break down the extensions by percentage? And tell us your favorite domain.

Actually I’m down to about 300 domain names now. When I first started in the industry I bought like crazy, at my peak I owned as many as 2500. After learning the hard way what was good and what wasn’t, I dropped over a thousand domain names and sold a few hundred in 2009. My favorite domain has to be

Do you park your domains and which parking company do you prefer?

I park all of my domain names with I think everyone should park their domains when not in use. Making a few dollars here and there never hurt anyone.

What is your highest dollar amount you ever paid for a domain and what was that domain? for $815. I hate to say, but I purchased a lot of the four letter dot com’s when I started. Most of them I wound up dropping. This one, I received an offer of $1500 just two days ago.

And out of these domains how many are in production?  I understand that you are all about development.

Actually not many, I’m not into development. I believe a domain name is pure land and should be bought and sold that way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against development, I just don’t have the time for it. I do have plans to develop out a few things, but nothing I want to discuss at this point.

What is a typical day for Chef Patrick?

I wake up around noon, head straight to the office and check emails and social media outlets. My wonderful wife usually brings me a cup of tea and something for breakfast. Beyond that, total chaos! I’ll admit, a normal day does not have a plan. I know that a blog post or two is on the agenda, reading other domain blogs , answering a lot of emails and coordinate projects with my web development team.

As you mentioned to me before you have lots of things on your plate. Can you talk about any of the projects that you are working on?

Right now I am trying to put the finishing touches on with my project partner Jason. This will be a membership based service that provides the daily deleting domain names with stats to help make purchasing quality names easier.

I also just launched, the domain industry’s first ever conference on a boat. It is very difficult to compete in the conference space, so to personalize it a little bit I have sent out dozens of video invitations and am working on over two hundred more.

I have one other project that I just can’t talk about yet. Your readers will have to stay tuned to for more.

With all these projects in the works are you on these alone or are you working with other domainers?

I do have a couple project specific partners. The perfect example is, my partner Jason is awesome with coding and making our website work how we want. That’s something I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to do which makes us ideal partners. I prefer to run the marketing and sales side of things. and my blog are stand alone projects.

Being that you only got in to the business recently did you have any guidance from any seasonal domainer?

Everyone in the industry has been so helpful, positive and welcoming. To name a few, Michael and David Castello, Donny Simonton, Craig Rowe, Michael Berkens,Ron Jackson and Alan Dunn.

What are your expectations from

As I mentioned above this is the first ever domain conference on a boat which should make for a great event. The main goal for this conference is to have 100-150 domain investors networking and really getting to know each other. Beyond the standard industry speakers I have a few non-domain speakers lined up to come to talk about social media, seo and affiliate marketing. More information will be released soon. In the mean time, if any of your readers would like a personal invitation send me an email or visit

What are your development goals for 2010?

I have one or two directory projects that I want to develop, but nothing beyond that as of right now. My main focus for 2010 is to buy and sell high end domain names. I’m also open to any strategic partnerships that would like to utilize the Chef Patrick brand. is a successful blog, why do you think that is?

Chef Patrick as a whole has developed more into a brand and not just a blog. When an advertiser comes to me or a story breaks it is more than a blog post or banner.

What is the one thing that you would change about the industry?

Having a real estate background like yourself, I’d say throw in a title company into the mix. I know it would slow down the process of buying and selling domain names, but it would legitimize our business and make sure all transactions are handled safely and insured.

Would like to thank Chef Patrick for his time and wish him nothing but success with all that he does. I’m glad we have a Chef Patrick in our industry. For those who don’t know of Chef Patrick please visit and bookmark his blog at and don’t forget to visit and book your next domain cruise. Hope to see you all on the cruise. Till next time, over and out.

Pat, Moniker Princess and Mike Berkens

Pat, Moniker Princess and Mike Berkens

Chef, Tony K. ( and Me

Chef, Tony K. ( and Me


13 Responses to “Chef Patrick – “The Creator Of Our First Domain Name Cruise””
  1. @Steve….great interview with da “Chef”!
    @Patrick….you forgot to mention me!…:)

  2. Chef Patrick says:

    Thanks for the kind words and interview Steve.

    I love the shows :)

  3. You didn’t mention that Patrick is a marketing genius. Facial branding is very important in this industry. I would not know many in this space unless I saw them promoting their image on their blog (hint). It took me several conferences to know who Mike Berkens was and he has great character recognition. Patrick was, from day one, promoting his image and that helps distribute his ideas and knowledge.

    Love this line “I wake up around noon, a normal day does not have a plan”, he must have been in a Rock and Roll band at some point in his life.

  4. Chef Patrick says:

    Wow…thanks for the compliment Mike. I appreciate your guidance and friendship!

  5. NetJohn says:

    Hey Chef …..What’s Cook’in in ya cyber kitchen ?

    1) Tell us the story about how the ChefPatrick name & brand came about.

    2) You “wake up around noon”….Holy Cow ! – that’s even later than Steve, LOL – —- Then what time da ya usually hit the hay ?

    3) Just signed up for your Domain Specials Newsletter … show me da goods !

    @ Steve

    Mr. Kaz,

    You said that the $25 dollars that you spent (from the gift card ya won) at GoDaddy was the best you ever spent …what specifically did ya buy ???

  6. Chef Patrick says:


    1) Back in the day while I was running my blog on a fellow NamePros member pitched me the idea of and a similar slogan. I light bulb went off in my head, I grabbed it and ran with it. Wanting to add more of a personal touch to the blog I purchased from a real chef.

    2) I do wake up very late, but I also go to bed between 3-4am. I have plans of changing my schedule starting immediately. I’ll probably wake up around 8am now and stay up until 1am :)

    3) Awesome, thanks for signing up for the newsletter. I’ll try to get a new one out this upcoming Monday. I have to travel so we’ll see.

  7. NetJohn says:

    @ Chef Patrick

    Thanks … Happy Travels !

  8. Steve says:

    @ John
    $25? you know what I meant John, you know when you win something and spend it on just renewals or new regs it feels just fantastic. :-)

    @ Michael
    Facial Branding – you right it is important that’s why I’ve chosen to profile domainers using Pics in the posts. See you in New Orleans…..

    @ Chef
    Make sure you bring your dancing shoes this time around I’ll make sure the camera works..see you in New Orleans….

    @Tony K.
    Thanks Tone – I saw your kids soccer pictures, the uniforms said, great job…but the site is under construction…..WTF
    Its April 1 – did I win an ipad?

  9. Tony C says:

    Hi Pat,
    It was nice to meet you at DomainFest 2010.
    FYI – Tony K’s has been “Coming Soon” for over 12 years :-)
    In Fact, someone who wanted to advertise on his site already went out of business… True Story.
    Tony K., Im just busting your balls.
    Tony C

  10. NetJohn says:

    @ Tony C.

    I did’nt see ya at the da Mansion party by DomainFest …where was ya ?

  11. NetJohn says:


    How are your new work hours now at Moniker compared to that Wake-up at Noon agenda you’ve been used to ?

  12. Chef Patrick says:

    @NetJohn – Actually, they aren’t too bad. The hardest thing is sometimes forcing myself to go to sleep at night. Here it is right at midnight and I’m heading to bed!

    Give me a call, I’m your broker rep, let’s make some money together :-)


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